My Personal Blogging Code

Today I was at a library technology conference, gave a presentation, and still managed to debate blogging ethics on Twitter.  A full day indeed!  As a result of those discussions,I have decided to sign on to the Blog with Integrity Pledge

This issue is very important to me because I am reviewing books as a public library director.  This limits some of the things I can do on my blog, as you will see below.  Plus, my ethics have to be unquestionable.  The integrity badge is a shorthand to openly declare what my blogging ethics are. 

On Twitter a few bloggers said they would not sign the pledge or anything like it because it would imply they had not been blogging ethically before signing it.  I don’t see it that way.  I see it as a tangible expression of my blogging beliefs.  It says what I already do and already believe in.  It is not going to change my blogging.

Here is what you can expect to see on my blog:

I will continue to accept review copies and ARCs from authors and publishers. (Keeps the library fines down!)

Information at the end of every review about where I got the book, whether it was library, review copy or ARC.  (I never buy books unless I already love them. That’s what libraries are for!  But if I do buy one personally, I will let you know that too.)

I will not do giveaways (it gets complicated when blogging as a government employee and doing contests)

I will not do blog tours (too structured for my blogging habits and my work day)

Of course others have their own ways of doing things, which is great.  That’s the beauty of blogging!  I’m not suggesting that anyone sign the pledge, but I did want to be really open about what I am doing here.