Homegrown House


Homegrown House by Janet Wong, illustrated by E. B. Lewis

Her grandmother is 65-years-old but has only lived in two houses!  The little girl on the other hand has lived in three houses already.  Grandma says she is lucky, but the girl doesn’t think so.  While her parents want a house near the water or a home from the glossy magazines, she yearns for a home that feels like her grandmother’s does.  That has walls of different colors, crowded closets, lavender drying in the garage.  With their next house, she has figured out exactly what to do, creating a place that really feels like home.

This book explores moving and what makes a house a home through poetry that is delightfully down-to-earth.  In her stanzas, Wong reveals so much about family, home and expectations in only a few words.  She also has a feel for simple pleasures and small details, that really ground the poetry and make it powerful.  Paired with Lewis’ watercolor illustrations, the poetry is brought further to life.  Lewis depicts the simple country world with a warm and natural feeling. 

Highly recommended for all library collections as families begin to move more and more and children seek their own definitions of home that they can move with them.  Appropriate for ages 4-7.

Reviewed from copy received from publisher.

One thought on “Homegrown House

  1. Ooh, I even like the cover. I’ve learned a lot about myself, having moved more as an adult than I ever did as a child — and it’s tough sometimes for ME. Can’t imagine how it would play to a 4-7 year old. A great find for military kids.


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