Start Saving, Henry!

Start Saving, Henry! by Nancy Carlson

Carlson’s Henry books are always inviting discussions of concepts.  In this book, Henry is faced with the task of saving his allowance to get a more expensive toy.  He had been used to just spending his money as soon as he got it, until he wanted a $30 Super Robot Dude.  So week-by-week in $5 increments he saves his money.  Of course, it’s not that easy.  He buys a comic book which sets him back.  Then he loses a library book that he has to pay for himself.  He reaches his goal in the end, but not before one more surprise changes things again!

Carlson’s ability to write a full story in very few words is remarkable.  She is concise and simple, allowing the humor of the circumstances themselves to get laughs and groans.  Her bright-colored art is done in an almost child-like style that is very friendly.  This is an ideal book to introduce saving money and sound finances to children because it is kept very simple and to the point. 

Fans of Henry will love this new book and it is sure to create new fans of the series as well.  Appropriate for ages 3-6.

Reviewed from copy received from publisher.