Christmas Magic

The Christmas Magic by Lauren Thompson, illustrated by Jon J. Muth

Santa can feel the magic coming. His whiskers tingle.  So he gathers the reindeer from the fields and feeds them and curries them.  He gets out the sleigh and shines it.  The bells are polished.  He oils his boots and darns his warmest socks.  Then he heads upstairs to the toy room with his thick book of children and fills an enormous bag with toys.  The sleigh is filled, the reindeer harnessed and all is still and waiting.  Then the magic comes, the magic that makes reindeer fly.

This Christmas book is a special one.  It captures the light, the magic, the simple joy of the Christmas holiday.  There is a lovely grace and poetic feel to Thompson’s words.  They convey a holiday of busyness but a more gentle and deliberate pace.  Muth’s illustrations are done in watercolors and pastels.  They have a shimmer and shine to them, a warmth and a coziness that really speaks to the holidays and their essence.  His Santa is not potbellied and has a more European feel to him, lending a very universal feel to the book.

Beautifully written and illustrated this is a holiday book to treasure.  Appropriate for ages 5-8.

Check out this lovely book trailer that captures the feel of the book very nicely.

Reviewed from library copy.

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