Thank You Publishers!

I am so pleased to have a great relationship with publishers who generously send me books to be reviewed.  In 2009, I was able to donate over 1200 books to my library and other local libraries that I received from publishers for review. 

I review books from both publisher copies and library copies.  What the publisher copies allow me is the ability to see books that my library does not have ordered, read books before they are released, find gems that the libraries have missed, and read books with no overdue fines!  😉

So thank you publishers for another great year of collaboration.  I appreciate all you do for me and other bloggers in the kidlitosphere.

7 thoughts on “Thank You Publishers!

    1. Hannah, I think you are so right about what a great online community we have built where we all respect one another and help one another. It is a real pleasure to work with publishers like you.


  1. Wow! That’s great you were able to donate so many books. I just reviewed my first book from a publisher. I can’t imagine getting more than 1200! Thank you for the reviews, though. I’ve found many new books for my kids through your blog!


    1. Julie,

      I was amazed when I saw the final number. When I started this blog, I wasn’t even thinking about ever getting books from publishers. Then it started with one and grew.

      I think one of the things you can do to maximize the number of books you receive is to send the publisher a link to any review you post. For books you purchase or borrow from the library too. That shows them that you are actively reviewing and the quality of your writing too.


      1. Thanks for the tip! I hadn’t thought of sending the links to the publishers since I’m reviewing my own books (or those I’ve borrowed from the library) But that definitely makes sense. I think I’ll do that.


    1. Start reviewing. Set up a free blog, check books out from the library, and start reviewing titles.

      Realize though that it can take a lot of time not only reading the books but writing the reviews. And when you first start you will not get the attention you expect. You have to do it because you love books and love reviewing.

      It will not work if you are reviewing to get books.


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