Day Is Done

Day Is Done by Peter Yarrow, illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary wrote this poignant song about the wisdom of children and their ability to lead us.  This picture book takes the lyrics of the song and turns it into a book for children that adults will appreciate as well.  A variety of animal families are featured in the book including bears, deer, rabbits and raccoons.  Sweet’s illustrations explore the connections of families, nature and wonder as her animals live in a forest bedecked in flowers drawn with a child-like hand.  Both the song and illustrations combine to create a world of shelter, love and connectivity.

Sweet’s illustrations with their touches of thick crayon and youthful simplicity are deceptive.  Looked at closely, they are mixes of collage and watercolor that are expertly combined into a seamless unity.  Sweet’s art moves from late afternoon through evening and night, changing from pastels to deeper starlit blues. 

A beautiful and accessible version of the beloved song, this book includes a CD with two additional songs.  Appropriate for ages 2-6.

Reviewed from library copy.

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