Tiger Eyes – The Movie

Tiger Eyes

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The Hollywood Reporter has the news that the Judy Blume novel Tiger Eyes will be made into a feature film.  Blume wrote the screenplay with her son, Lawrence Blume, who is also directing the film. 

Amazingly, this will be the first Blume novel to be made into a feature film!   Some were adapted for TV in the past.  Here is why in Blume’s own words:

Blume said she hasn’t been star-struck by Hollywood despite being continually approached. She describes going on what she calls "Judy Sweetheart" lunches (where execs ask her, ‘Judy, sweetheart, what do you want to do?") and being less than enthralled with the Fudge series.

"I know I have reputation for not selling my books. And now I’m glad," she said. "Because here I am, working with a director I trust, someone I know understands those characters."

Production has already begun with Willa Holland (from Gossip Girl) playing Davey. Newcomer Tatanka Means will be playing Wolf.

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