William Sleator Dies

School Library Journal has the news of William Sleator’s death in Thailand at age 66.  He was the prolific author of over 30 books for all ages. 

I have two favorite Sleator books.  As different as can be.


Interstellar Pig is one of those books that you can hand to reluctant readers who enjoy science fiction.  It also book talks beautifully thanks to its great premise of a board game that is actually a battle for the survival of the human race. 

Oddballs is a short story collection.  But what stories!  Weird, funny and completely great.

Tuxedo Gin–The Movie

Disney will be adapting the Japanese manga Tuxedo Gin into a film called Tux.  Robert Ben Garant, co-writer of Night at the Museum, will be writing the script.  Garant will also be executive producing along with Isamu Kamei.

One wonders what Disney will do with what is said to be a gritty storyline.  We know they can handle the penguin element, but how much Disney-fication will have to occur to make the story work for them. 

Has anyone read the original graphic novel series of Tuxedo Gin? 

Via Deadline

I Am Eight!


It’s the 8th anniversary of this blog!

This year its name changed from Kids Lit to Waking Brain Cells, as I changed jobs.  Happily, I am able to continue blogging at my new job as well, even though I’ve left children’s work behind years ago.  But I never stopped reading children’s books or supporting children’s programs. 

I am also very happy to have readers like you, who continue to read my reviews and other content year after year (after year)…   Thank you for your comments, your support, for being a community of readers that I love being a part of.  You all make it a joy to blog, read and share. 

So thank you!  New readers and vintage readers (tried to avoid that “old” word) you make my day over and over again throughout the year.

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