Review: Little Dog Lost by Monica Carnesi

little dog lost

Little Dog Lost: The True Story of a Brave Dog Named Baltic by Monica Carnesi

Children along the banks of the Vistula River were the first to spot the little dog floating on the ice floes.  Firemen tried to help rescue the dog, but were unable to reach him before the river carried him away.  The river carried the dog into the Baltic sea where a ship arrived.  The crew members tried to rescue the dog, but it proved difficult.  At one point, the dog even slipped into the water but managed to pull itself back up onto the ice.  Finally, the crew managed to get a boat into the water and move close enough to the ice the dog was on and rescue him.  After warming up and getting dry, the dog was adopted by the crew and named “Baltic.”

This true story of a dog on the ice inspired the author to create a picture book demonstrating the heroism of both man and dog.  Unlike many nonfiction books, this is one that can be used with preschoolers and even toddlers.  The story is kept very simple, with only a few sentences on each page, making it move ahead quickly.  Add to that the drama of the floating dog and the fear that he will not survive and you have a picture book that is a real treat to read.

Carnesi’s artwork echoes that same child-friendly simplicity with its fuzzy dog.  The round-faced people are equally charming and inviting to young readers.  My favorite part was turning to the final page that tells more details about the rescue and recognizing the man holding Baltic from his depiction in the book. 

This entire work is charming, great fun to read, and also an inspiring story.  Appropriate for ages 3-5.

Reviewed from copy received from Nancy Paulsen Books.