Kickstarter for Publishing


In the last week, I’ve gotten several requests to promote Kickstarter publishing campaigns here.  You can take a look at current children’s publishing Kickstarter campaigns on their site.  At this time, I’m not willing to promote specific campaigns, since I don’t feel that they fit into the scope of this blog.

I think a lot of the new appeal of funding books this way has to do with stories like this one about Seth Godin raising $130,000 for his next book.  Perhaps they didn’t hear the ending of that story, where he returned to working with a publisher rather than self-publishing as he had in the past.

So, I’ve added a new clause to my review policy, so that it now addresses Kickstarter campaigns.  It states that I will not be participating in promotion of such funding campaigns on Kickstarter or any other site of that sort.

So other bloggers, what are you doing with this sort of request?

4 thoughts on “Kickstarter for Publishing

  1. So far, I’d been ignoring them… but the fact is, this is a less passive-aggressive and evasive way of dealing with it. Time to make a new policy clause…


  2. Funny, Tasha, I just added that to my review policy yesterday, after receiving several recent requests. I have promoted one or two kickstarter Literacy projects, but I’m not ready to help anyone publish a book that way. Like you, I don’t feel that this fits with the theme of my blog.


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