Review: Broxo by Zack Giallongo


Broxo by Zack Giallongo

Princess Zora has traveled from her clan of the Granitewings to find the Peryton Clan and convince them to join the trading alliance that is being formed between the different clans.  When she reaches Peryton Peak though, she does not find the bustling clan that she expected.  Instead, it is a bleak and empty place.  Broxo is one of the few who still live there, a young warrior who survives alongside his huge furry pet.  There are others on the Peak too: a witch with a sordid history, the monster Gloth who hunts for flesh, and the hordes of undead who haunt the lake and the area around it.  This graphic novel takes classic fantasy tropes and adds zombies, making for a thrilling read.

Giallongo is a newcomer to graphic novels, but has created one that will have you looking for all of his previous work.  His pacing is a nice mix of quieter character-rich moments and wild dashes of action that leave readers breathless.  The slow realization of what has happened on the Peak also makes for intense reading, leading the reader to want to figure the puzzle out. 

The combination of a strong female lead and a strong male lead without any romantic entanglement is also refreshing.  The theme here is about pride, family and redemption rather than heartbreak or just hearts. 

A great graphic novel pick for middle school readers who will relish the zombies, the battles and the depth of the storyline.  Appropriate for ages 11-14.

Reviewed from copy received from First Second.