Review: Apple by Nikki McClure


Apple by Nikki McClure

Follow the life stages of an apple from the time it falls from the tree, ripe and red, to its return to the soil.  Written in single words, the story is told primarily through the images that are done in exquisite cut paper.  In each image, red is used solely to illuminate the apple with the rest of the image in black and white.  This serves to not only highlight the apple as the focus, but also makes for a dynamic minimalist style.

The simplicity and minimalism really work here.  It is a stunning book both in the strength of the illustrations and the focus on life stages.  This is a book I would suggest for parents reading to infants, because it has that strong contrast of black, white and red that infants’ brains respond to.  Even better, it’s a book that adults will enjoy reading again and again.

Appropriate for ages 0-3.

One thought on “Review: Apple by Nikki McClure

  1. I wouldn’t have thought those specific colors (red, black, white) would be best for a baby’s brain. Why?

    That’s actually a great way for little children to learn about nature really young. Thanks for the review!


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