Where My Feet Go by Birgitta Sif

Where My Feet Go by Birgitta Sif

Where My Feet Go by Birgitta Sif

Follow the activities of a young panda and his feet as he goes through his day. First, in the morning his feet go into yellow boots and head outside. He pretends he is walking through a jungle (actually a garden), climbing a high mountain, splashing in the ocean, and crossing a dangerous bridge. In the afternoon, his feet help feed the dinosaurs (birds), swing high in the sky, and cross a sandy desert. At night, his feet explore underwater in his bath and shoot into the sky like the stars as he listens to a bedtime story. Where do your feet go?

This picture book is told by the little panda in first person, aiding in the use of imagination throughout the book. Children will recognize their own daydreams and moments of pretend as the panda goes through his day. The book is simple and playful, inviting children to see what their own feet are up to that day.

The illustrations are hand-drawn with pencil and then digitally colored. They are filled with bright colors like the yellow boots. At the same time, they are subtle too with some parts that read as watercolors particularly in the sky. Filled with shadows to add depth, the entire book has a very unique feel.

Something special is afoot with this picture book that is sure to give children some kicks. Appropriate for ages 2-4.

Reviewed from digital galley received from Penguin Random House and Edelweiss.

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