Nimona – The Movie


BookRiot has the exciting news from Twitter that Nimona is being made into an animated movie! Complete with release date! Squee!

Goodbye Christopher Robin – The Trailer

The number one trending trailer on YouTube is for Goodbye Christopher Robin, a film about A.A. Milne and his son and the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh:

Ferdinand – The Trailer

Ferdinand is a movie version of the beloved picture book. I’m trying to see the picture book in the trailer. What do you think?


Captain Underpants Movie – The Trailer

Get ready for pure Dreamworks silliness in the first trailer for the upcoming Captain Underpants movie:

13 Reasons Why – The Trailer

Netflix is creating a film version of 13 Reasons Why which will premiere on March 31st. They just released a dramatic trailer:

A Darker Shade of Magic – The Movie

A Darker Shade of Magic Cover

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that the film rights to the YA novel A Darker Shade of Magic series have been won by Sony. The first book was released in February 2015 but it was only in the last couple of weeks that a bidding war broke out for the film rights.


Everything Everything – Trailer

A gorgeous trailer for the film version of Everything Everything:

Wonder – The Movie


The release date for the movie version of the beloved book, Wonder, has pushed back to November 17th, placing it firmly in the holiday season. Julia Roberts has been cast as the mother along with Mandy Patinkin and Owen Wilson adding to the star level.

More details are available at Entertainment Tonight with more photos on IMDB.