Wrinkle in Time – Movie Trailer

Wowza, what a trailer! What do you think?

One thought on “Wrinkle in Time – Movie Trailer

  1. Honestly, I’m a little scared!!

    I adore this book, but also understand that some people will see it as a hateful thing – like they hated CS Lewis’ books after finding out that they were a reshaping of Christian ideas (some Christian ideas, anyway; our Clive was a bit narrow-minded). I don’t know if this film will hold up as a brilliant execution of what Ms. L’Engle intended, so I’m afraid – but I respect the filmmaker, so… and, knowing Ms. L’Engle’s work and wit, she’d have LOVED this so much…

    Rereading the books and actually thinking I’ll see this. Maybe. I’m such a wimp.


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