The Treekeepers

The Treekeepers by Susan McGee Britton (0-525-46944-3) is a fantasy novel for older elementary children. The story features a feisty girl named Bird in search of her father in a world torn apart by an evil ruler who destroyed the Tree That Talks. On her quest, Bird meets other orphan children, a lovely but sad woman and a gentle, heroic man who are all fighting the evil in the land and trying to restore the Tree . There is violence in the latter part of the book consistent with most fantasy novels where good fights evil.
I will be recommending this title to kids who enjoy quest stories, sword fighting, and strong female characters. It was a great read. Very gripping and intense toward the end.

4 thoughts on “The Treekeepers

  1. I love this book! The adventure and the whole setting is incredable. Bird is almost just like me. Adventurous and daring. I can just imagine being her on the great quest to find my father. I don’t want to give the ending but the book is fantastic!


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