Karen Ackerman

Karen Ackerman, author of the Caldecott winning Song and Dance Man offers up a site filled with information that is updated regularly. I only wish the site had more links and less scrolling length.

3 thoughts on “Karen Ackerman

  1. I am studying your book for an english assignment and i need to ask you a question or two.
    Q:What was your inspiration for writing this book?
    Q:Is there anything you could tell me about your background or childhood?
    That’s is all i have to ask for now. i would really appreciate your return within a week or so and thanks for all your time!


  2. Are you Jewish?
    I need this information for a project I have.
    Need answer to finish my project.
    Thank you,
    Margarita Maria Colon
    Reading Teacher
    Stewart Middle Magnet School
    Tampa, Florida


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