Great and Terrible Beauty

A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray (0-385-73028-4)
This was exactly the sort of book I enjoyed as a teen with its mix of Victorian boarding school and magic. Gemma’s mother kills herself in India and Gemma is sent to Spence in England, a finishing school for young ladies. When Gemma’s mother died, she had a vision that showed her how it happened and she saw a terrible dark shadow in the room with her mother. Gemma continues to have visions and a man has followed her to Spence telling her to stop having the visions. Can Gemma get control of her visions?
The cover of the book will help sell it to teen girls, though it doesn’t allude to the magic within. Bray has created a very vivid Gothic world filled with woods, lakes, and Gypsies. She populated it with a group of girls who all have distinct, fully-rendered personalities. And best of all, she added magic and mystery, creating a wonderful heady cocktail that is impossible to put down.

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