The Crying Rocks

The Crying Rocks by Janet Taylor Lisle (0-689-85319-X)
Joelle doesn’t know much about her past. She was adopted at age five after living in a box with an old lady. Joelle looks just like the ancient Native Americans in the area, and with her new friendship with Carlos hikes through the woods to some of their sacred places. As they travel, Joelle begins to connect with both the Native Americans and her own past, until she finally is ready to face the truth.
This book is permeated by a strong sense of mystery. The reader may think that they have figured it all out already, but they almost certainly have not. A strong, difficult young woman, Joelle is a fascinating protagonist.

One thought on “The Crying Rocks

  1. A tiny little 5 year old as seen so much but remains kind unless you stick your nose in her life. she opens up to a boy named Carlos. As they reaserch the rocks that legend says that they are hunted by unwanted children morns. Both go through Family struggles but stay friends through it all and he is willing to help Joelle to find out what really happened to her.


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