Crack in the Line

A Crack in the Line by Michael Lawrence (0-06-072477-3)
Alaric’s life has completely changed since his mother’s death two years ago. His father has let the house decline, Alaric has become depressed and angry, and now his father was bringing home his new girlfriend. When he rests his hands on a replica of his house that his mother made encased in a glass dome, he is transported to an alternate reality almost identical to his own. But in this new reality his mother hasn’t died and a girl named Naia is living in his place.
Alaric and Naia begin to travel to one another’s dimensions through the house replica. Both affecting and changing what is happening in the other’s place.
This is an amazing book that leaves readers thinking about what dimensions may be right next to them and what choices or events may have spawned alternate dimensions. Teens of both sexes will enjoy this one. Readers leave this book looking at life a little askew, what more could you ask of a book!