Truesight by David Stahler Jr. (0-06-052285-2)
This is a science fiction novel with an inventive and captivating setting. Harmony is a colony populated only by the blind. The people who live there are blind by choice, since blindness is curable. But the people of Harmony believe that the added discipline and inner life that blindness brings make them stronger and more honest.
Jacob is about to turn thirteen and find out what his life assignment is going to be. We see the glory of his blind life, the joys that he has discovered, and the remarkable technology that the colony uses to keep their people safe. But then Jacob regains his sight. He begins to see what the truth is, and as his sight slowly returns he realizes that his blindness has covered many lies.
This is the reason I enjoy science fiction. The ability to enter such a vivid and remarkable world is a treasure. Recommend this one to kids interested in science fiction and those who like to think long after the book is done.

One thought on “Truesight

  1. this book really portrays the fact that the blind may have more pure and peaceful hearts then people who can see and judge people by what they look like in this case because you can’t see


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