Be More Chill

Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini (0786809957)
Jeremy is a teen who is definitely not cool. He has friends, but he doesn’t have any luck with girls. But then Jeremy hears about a new pill that contains a nanocomputer that will interface with his brain and make him more cool. Stealing from his aunt, he get the money together for the pill and buys his “squip”. Now he has a voice in his mind that leads him through liaisons with girls, dresses him in cool clothes, and helps him remember his lines in the play.
This modern story offers up some real issues cloaked in sex and humor. What happens when society creates something that fundamentally changes you? What is the squip and what is you? Who or what is making the decisions in your life? This book is for teens only, not younger kids. It has a lot of sexuality and swearing as well as some drug use. But for older teens, this is a great look into a future that may be here before we know it.