Saving Francesca

Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta (0-375-82982-2)
Francesca attends St. Sebastian’s, a school that has just become coed. She has left behind her friends, because her mother insisted that Francesca needs to find herself and discover who she is. But now her ever-strong mother has collapsed into a debilitating depression, unable to even leave her bed. What is left for Francesca? She has no driving force behind her anymore, no friends, and is at a new school.
This is an incredible novel for teens. The writing is clean and crisp and Francesca is a vividly portrayed character. In fact, all of the teens and even Francesca’s parents are multidimensional and compelling. Even better, there will be little need to push this one, because of the great cover. Just face it out and it should move.