The Dragons Sang at School

I completed the school visits for our Summer Reading Program. This year our theme in Wisconsin is shared by many other states: Dragons, Dreams and Daring Deeds. I had huge success in 1st through 3rd grade reading poems aloud from The Dragons Are Singing Tonight by Jack Prelutsky. The kids paid attention amazingly well, and the poems served as the perfect cap to my speech about all of our activities. I read four poems: I Wish I Had a Dragon, I Am Boom, The Dragons Are Singing Tonight, and Once They All Believed in Dragons. (I am pretty sure those are the titles, but I am doing this without the book in hand, so they may just be pretty close.) They were all hits. I love to see kids respond to poetry so positively. In fact, it was so cool that I am considering offering to do poetry with the students up at school on a regular basis. Just reading and sharing poetry together is very powerful. Plus, all four poems are a joy to read! What could be more fun!

One thought on “The Dragons Sang at School

  1. You may already know this. If you check out Peggy Sharp’s website under “Idea of the Month” for January 2000, you will find a list of the tunes that you can use to accompany Jack Prelutsky’s poems in his Dragons and Gargoyles books. They are fun for storytime.
    I Wish I Had a Dragon – Auld Lang Syne
    I Am Boom! – Deck the Halls
    The Dragons Are Singing Tonight – My Bonnie
    Once They All Believed in Dragons – Clementine


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