Gobble Gobble Slip Slop

I shared Gobble Gobble Slip Slop: A Tale of a Very Greedy Cat by Meilo So with preschoolers and kindergarteners this week. They adored this picture book based on a folktale from India. The greedy cat eats his friend the parrot, five hundred cakes, and then goes on to eat and eat and eat more and more people and animals. The kids gasped with amazement at each new eating feat, and then the ending had them completely spellbound and moaning.
Best of all, this is one of those folktale versions that actually works as a read-aloud for this age group. Often folktales can be too wordy to share easily, but this one really works. The pictures pay homage to India and the cat with red feathers flying in the air really grabbed them. I used it in a storytime about eating, but it could be used with all sorts of animal themes, folktales, or silly stories to make you groan!

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