Max's ABC

Max’s ABC by Rosemary Wells.
The beloved bunny siblings Max and Ruby return in an alphabet book.  Nicely, the book can be read as an alphabet book or simply as a story.  Max’s ants escape from their ant farm and climb up on him to get his cake.  When Max tries to get them off him by pouring juice on himself, Ruby has to come to the rescue.  The story is silly and filled with the simple fun you expect in a Max and Ruby book.  This one is a gem worth sharing on that first day of an alphabet unit. 

Changing Kindergarten

No more naps in kindergarten is an interesting article on how kindergarten curriculum has changed in recent years. It is far more academic now, and preschool is seen as the entry-level class where children learn socialization. Kindergarten is now where children learn to read, learn to do math, and start writing.