But Excuse Me That Is My Book

But Excuse Me, That Is My Book by Lauren Child.
I have always been charmed by Charlie and Lola, but this book goes right after my librarian heart.  Lola has a favorite book, Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies, that she checks out from the public library every time she visits.  For her it is not only the best book in the world, it is the only book.  But this time, when she gets to the library, the book is not on the shelf!  What oh what is a little girl to do?  Well, Charlie steps in and does the perfect readers advisory interview to find her a replacement book.  Lovely stuff that will warm the heart of even the most serious reference librarian.  Oh, and kids will enjoy it too. It immediately got the children I shared it with talking about what their all-time favorite books are.

Summer Is Summer

Summer Is Summer by Phillis and David Gershator, illustrated by Sophie Blackall.
I really enjoyed several things about this book.  First the illustrations capture summer for me.  They are filled not with hot colors, but with blue skies, bright green grass, flowers and friends.  Second, the rhythm to the text is wonderful.  The refrain of “Summer is summer is summer” is repeated and that phrasing is repeated using other nouns.  It creates a structure to the book that allows the reader to just drift along with it. 
This is a perfect book to share on the final day of preschool when children are just waiting for that first official day of their summer to begin.