Mercy Watson Fights Crime

Mercy Watson Fights Crime by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by Chris Van Dusen. 

Ah, Mercy Watson, a pig who adores buttered toast, lives in a 50’s styled world, and has adventures that will have everyone laughing along.  Her first two books were fabulous, and the third in the series continues with the same feel.  Mercy Watson hears something downstairs after she goes to bed.  It sounds like the toaster, so she is sure that someone is downstairs making toast without her!  Down she heads and discovers a robber in the kitchen.  The robber would have been just fine if he hadn’t had a buttery candy in his mouth. 

These books are perfect for new readers who want books with real chapters and plenty of words but also colored pictures and plenty of action.  They are also great read alouds for preschoolers through first graders.  The question is whether you can wait for kids to grow up enough to read the books themselves, or whether you are like me and simply must share them as bedtime stories before then!