The Prince's Bedtime

The Prince’s Bedtime by Joanne Oppenheim, illustrated by Miriam Latimer.

The young prince simply will not go to bed!  His royal parents try everything from warm millk to a soft quilt.  Finally they call out to the kingdom for help.  The doctor tries to give him sleeping draughts, but he refuses to take them.  He ends up the only one awake after everyone else gives them a sip.  Then dancers perform to get him tired, but again the prince is the only one still dancing at dawn.  The ideas continue from magic to large pillows, but no luck.  Until an old lady comes to the castle and pulls out a book.  A bedtime story.

Children will relate to the prince in the story as he stays awake far into the night.  They will also enjoy the humor of the all of the attempts to get the prince to sleep and the many ways they fail.  The book is written in rhyme which carries the story onward with the romping energy of the little prince.  The energetic, bright-colored and quirky illustrations also fill the book with zest and movement. 

While perfect as a bedtime story tucked under your own soft covers and with your own pillow, this would also be a winner at a pajama storytime or special pajama day at school.  I promise you, no one will doze off with this one being read aloud!