Elusive Moose

Elusive Moose by Joan Gannji, illustrated by Clare Beaton. 

This is a book where small children can have the joy of finding the moose on each page.  Gannji has created poetry that carries children through the illustrations, naming the animals that readers see.  Her poetry is comfortable and clean, perfect for reading aloud.  The illustrations by Beaton are exceedingly well done in a variety of fabrics, stitches, and beadings.  When I showed the book to children, they ran their hands over the cover and each page to see if it felt like fabric.  Everything from stars to flowers to moths to berries and leaves are captured in fabric collages. 

Share this one as a read aloud for toddlers and preschoolers.  It will be useful for units on wildlife or animals.  But can also be used in a program on seasons and the changes that can be seen as the moose moves through the year.