The Gingerbread Girl

The Gingerbread Girl by Lisa Campbell Ernst.

A new take on the Gingerbread Boy, this picturebook features his younger sister.  A year has passed since the elderly couple created the Gingerbread Boy and they decide to try once again, filling this little Gingerbread Girl with candy.  While she is baking in the oven, the couple talk about the many mistakes the Gingerbread Boy made, especially by running away.  But once they peek in the door at the girl, she is up and running too, setting off to prove that she is much smarter than her older brother.  The story follows the same path as the traditional one as the Gingerbread Girl runs past animals, people, and more until reaching the river and the fox.  But this one ends very differently much to the pure joy of children listening. 

I enjoyed Ernst’s ability to mirror the traditional but bring in modern touches and a new run-away rhyme.  I also enjoyed her unmistakable art with the sweet-covered gingerbread, the surprised humans, and the many animals.  Read this book to a class after reading the traditional version.  Preschoolers and kindergarteners alike will enjoy the revenge the Gingerbread Girl takes as well as the happy ending.

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