I don’t know if anyone else remembers with a great fondness the Moomin books. The series was a favorite of one of my brothers when we were kids, and I have his boxed set of books and hope to hook my sons on them. Interestingly, they have a delightful website filled with all of the characters, like Little My, Moominpapa, and Moominmama. Brings me right back into childhood – oh, the power of books!
Make sure you click on the British flag at the bottom to get the English version.

2 thoughts on “Moominsite

  1. I am the proud possessor, courtesy of a friend who lives in Finland, of Moomin *cookie cutters*! I also have Moomin magnets all over my file cabinet. And I once threw a friend an all-Moomin baby shower. Call me a fan. 🙂


  2. Where did you find the cookie cutters? Moomin magnets! Amazing! A whole merchandising campaign I was completely oblivious to.
    I can imagine my brother’s face if I served him Moomin cookies. What a thought!
    I am hopelessly jealous.


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