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This Weeks Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:



The Interview: GRIMM FOOD: The World of the Brothers Grimm | The Feed

“One Step at a Time: 13 Books About Blended Families”



Edward Snowden just made an impassioned argument for why privacy is the most important right

In Banned Books Scavenger Hunt, The Prize Is Literary ‘Smut’

65 YA Books Written by Female Authors:


Rural Poverty and THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES by Mindy McGinnis

This Weeks Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

Woo hoo! Broke 11,000 tweets shared on Twitter!

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:

I tried everything to get to sleep last night. Well, everything except closing…:


“Book talking by the stack opens up so many possibilities” – Read more over on the :

Bringing It ‘Home’: Chris Raschka Completes Vera Williams’s Final Book

Disney Announces New Rick Riordan Imprint

Gloriumptious, word-guzzling genius of Roald Dahl

Heathy diet linked to improved reading skills in children

Here Are Some of the 18th Annual Intl Latino Book Awards Winners

How Diverse Is Children’s Literature? This Infographic Tells The Disturbing Truth

My Favorite Read-Aloud Books Right Now: September 2016 – GeekDad

Never stop reading aloud to your kid

Reading Aloud Will Create a Better Reader · Guardian Liberty Voice

Residential school memoir set to become new Canadian children’s classic

Scrumdiddlyumptious to Oompa Loompa: Roald Dahl’s splendiferous words are now in the Oxford dictionary

Temple Grandin Inks Deal With Penguin Young Readers

This Boy’s Dream Of Being A Princess Inspired An Innovative Kids’ Book

Transgender Books for Kids and Teens

‘Trombone Shorty,’ 4 others receive $250,000 Heinz Awards


First Woman, African-American Sworn In as Librarian of Congress

How you can help India’s first free public library for the Tibetan exile community

Pew Research Shows Public Libraries Remain Vital to Communities

"Reading forces you to be quiet in a world that no longer makes place for that."…:


8 Book Recommendations From an Unexcitable Reader

Challenge your perceptions with these 9 groundbreaking YA novels

Graphic novels that grab you — The Horn Book

YA author Amy Zhang: My books are there so people won’t feel they’re alone –

YA Books with a Male Point of View – The Hub

Young adult authors stress importance of strong stories

This Weeks Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:

This kid means business. Read 20 minutes, every day!:


10 Middle Grade Fantasy Novels with Black Girl Leads

13 Children’s Books That Help Kids Understand Divorce

100 Great Translated Children’s Books from Around the World

Ann M. Martin on the Enduring Appeal of The Baby-Sitters Club and Rebooting Another Children’s Series

Beatrix Potter died 73 years ago. Now she has a new book. What to make of it?

A Child of Books: making its mark in children’s literature

Discovered Beatrix Potter tale releases

First Book, NEA Foundation to Bring Thousands of Diverse Books, Resources for Children in Need

Third of parents admit rushing or skipping pages in bedtime stories

This beloved children’s author didn’t want a funeral – she said read to a child instead

National Library Week #NLW:


5 Reasons You Should Have a Library Card – BookRiot –

The Case for Preserving the Pleasure of Deep Reading

How to Defend Your Right to Read (with memes) – Intellectual Freedom Blog

Mark the date! Watch as Carla Hayden is sworn in as our new Sep 14

Newspaper: Disappearing Archive Only Temporary for Milwaukee Library patrons –

Annie Dillard Quote Typed  on Typewriter on Cardstock by farmnflea, $8.00:


Funny Book Displays in a High School Library

Women in Comics: Comics For a New School Year – The Hub

This Week’s Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:

You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend. - Paul Sweeney For more quotes and inspirations:


11 Children’s Books That Help Kids Understand Sexism

15 Children’s Books That Help Kids Understand What Differently Abled Kids Are Up Against

19 Children’s Books That Help Kids Understand Feminism

betterbooktitles: Lois Lowry: The Giver Check out the new…

Books to help ease children and teens back into school

Books Your Kids Will Actually Like, Chosen by the People Who Know

I Censor the Books I Read to My Child. I’m Not Ashamed!

Jen Bryant on her research for SIX DOTS, which celebrates Louis Braille as the child inventor he was:

Milwaukee Barbershops Incorporate Books for Kids

The Unexpected, Trashy Joy of Reading Kids’ Books Written by Celebrities


Libraries have secrets: The private rooms of North Jersey’s public libraries – Arts and Entertainment



7 YA Novels We Can’t Wait To Read This Fall

8 New Jane Austen-Inspired YA Books | Brightly

‘90% of YA is crap’: the debate that dominated the Edinburgh book festival

This Week’s Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:



5 Ways To Keep Books Relevant Today

13 Books Every Parent Should Read Their Child Before They Start School

Bumper crop of first-day-of-school books

‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul’ Adds Alicia Silverstone (Exclusive)

How Did Children’s Literature Evolve From Prim Morality Tales to the Likes of Captain Underpants?

Wait, in This Children’s Book, the Robbers Steal the Little Kid and What Happens?!

Bookish Secrets on Whisper:


Finland’s Hot New Karaoke Bar Is a Public Library

I Can’t Even with Librarians Who Don’t Read Diversely

Library use in England fell dramatically over last decade, figures show

Public Library of the Year 2016 – nominations:

Public libraries serve the homeless more than just books

Removal of Confederacy books opens debate; director calls it routine process

When a child is born in Aarhus, parents press a button in hospital & a huge bell rings in the library


2016 Aurora awards winners | Aurora Awards

In defence of grit lit – YA writers dealing honestly with the modern world

This Week’s Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:

Buried in books all day every day!:


9 Children’s Books That Help Your Kid Understand White Privilege

The 11 Best Teachers in Children’s Literature | Brightly

British Library to Mark Harry Potter’s 20th With Exhibition

Contribution to Scottish children’s literature award launched | The Bookseller

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: new film confirmed for 2017

From preschool through high school: 24 great books that show empathy, kindness

Here’s my recap of SOME of the best picture books from the first half of 2016

“I had always aspired to do an epic wordless picture book”: see our Q&A with Randy Cecil

Kids get hair cut, heads filled thanks to Books With Barbers reading program

Let Kids Read Whatever They Want to Read

Listen to Aaron Becker on podcast talking about RETURN:

Liz Pichon on how dyslexia inspired her Tom Gates children’s books – and made them a global phenomenon

The Merits of Reading Real Books to Your Children

Teasers Unveiled For The Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Broadway Show

Tough times out there? Here’s why reading with your kids is more important now than ever.

What Happened When I Read My Favorite Childhood Book As An Adult

Let me just check the... CAT-alog for you.:


Anne Carroll Moore, the Librarian Who Changed Children’s Literature Forever

Can Twitter Fit Inside the Library of Congress?

I took the Movement for Black Lives pledge for peace and justice. Will you join me?

New York Public Library puts 300,000 titles online with new e-book app

Public Libraries as Hubs of Health Information

Rediscover your local library



Diversity In Book Publishing Isn’t Just About Writers — Marketing Matters, Too

Reading the New “Harry Potter” Book Could Actually Help You Live Longer

Study finds brain connections key to reading


Transgender themes enter teen fiction

This Week’s Tweets, Pins & Tumbls

Here are the links I shared on my Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr accounts this week that I think are cool:

What is a bookshelf...:


Bill O’Reilly is writing a children’s book with James Patterson about the magical word ‘please’

Children’s picture book reviews – when tired animals are the dream ticket

James Patterson, Jeff Kinney and J.K. Rowling top richest author list

Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen Re-Unite for a New Children’s Books Trilogy

The Snowy Day imparts no lesson other than the most important one: Books are enjoyable.

Unlikely friends make for moving children’s books:

What Was It Like Writing an LGBTQ Picture Book in 1989? What’s It Like Now?

Books are magical ♥:


Fiction for older children reviews – half-dead and dead funny

Young Adult Thriller ’13 Minutes’ in the Works as Netflix Movie –