Chickens to the Rescue

Chickens to the Rescue
by John Himmelman.

What a book!  I finally managed to sneak it out of the house to return it to the library.  It is the story of a flock of amazing chickens who solve the problems of the Greenstalk farm.  They get the farmer’s watch out of the well, make dinner for Mrs. Greenstalk, help the son with his homework, rescue the cow and the sheep, and much more. 

This book is all about the illustrations.  The words on the page are auxiliary, just carrying the story forward.  It is all about the flurry of feathers and beating wings of the heroic chickens as they accomplish their mission.  The illustrations much be pored over to get the best out of them.  Find the bathing caps on the diving chickens, the chicken peeking out of the kitchen garbage, and the alarmed chicken who finds himself almost under the cow.  Also keep an eye out on each page for the dozing chicken with an egg.

This book is pure fun.  Laugh out loud glee will be heard from all children and adults.  We found ourselves talking over one another to point out our discoveries on each page.  And then we read it over and over again to see it all again.  What a joy!