VOYA Best of 2006 Lists

VOYA has two great book lists available online this month.  Both are lists of the top books of 2006.

First is the ever-wonderful list of the Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror.  Usually I have read a large number of these, because it’s my favorite genre, but this year I find myself looking at many books I have never heard of.  I must disagree with the inclusion of The Princetta on the list, but somehow everyone seems to love that title except me.  Ah well.  Except for that quibble, every other book I have read on the list deserves its place entirely.

Another favorite for me is poetry and VOYA has their list of Poetry Picks for 2006.  I don’t tend to read as much teen poetry books as I do poetry books for children, but again those I have read on the list are winners.

Just a mention that the VOYA links are to pdf files.  They can take a little while to load, so be patient.  The fastest way to have to reboot your browser is to be impatient with pdf files. 

Harry Potter Fans

Associated Press has an article about Harry Potter fan sites.  I enjoy the fact that the sites were started by teens who have continued to maintain and improve them over the years.  Even better is the change in the approach that Warner Brothers is taking.  Where originally they tried to shut down fan sites, they now invite the webmasters to premieres and more, knowing how many fans they reach.

The following sites are featured in the article:

The Leaky Cauldron
The Sugar Quill