Red, red, red

Red, red, red by Valeri Gorbachev.

Turtle hurries through town telling everyone who asks him where he is going that he is off to see something red, red, red.  Each animal he passes wonders if it is their red thing that he is looking for.  No, it isn’t the roses, no not the watermelon, and not even the fire engine!  What could it be?

As always, Gorbachev has created a world filled with a little mystery and lot of friendly animals.  The illustrations are very friendly with a vintage feel.  I appreciate the focus on color and children will enjoy guessing what the next offer of red will be and also guessing before the final page what Turtle was really looking for. 

Share this with preschoolers who are working on their colors.  This book is perfect for color-related story times as well.

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  1. This is one of our favorites too. I just found your site and I’m really excited to check out some of your books. Thanks for sharing.
    FYI: I’ve just started a blog of my own about books for preschool age children. Maybe we can keep in touch (


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