Bob and Otto

Bob and Otto by Robert O. Bruel, illustrated by Nick Bruel. 

Bob, a caterpillar, and Otto, a worm, were very good friends.  They both liked digging in the ground, eating leaves, and playing in the grass under a big tree.  But then Bob feels the need to go up into the tree and Otto disagrees, deciding to go down under the tree into the ground.  While they are apart, Bob turns into a butterfly but nothing happens to Otto.  How will Otto feel when they are reunited?

This is a sweet story that is strengthened by the repetition of the prose when the characters are climbing or digging.  The book’s illustrations are also strong, focusing on life up in the tree and deep below the ground.  The parallel frames are very effective. 

This book will be great with two different age groups.  First, for storytimes with toddlers, this book is ideal.  Add it to your butterfly story pile or for a great addition to insect storytimes.  But wait!  It will also work well for emergent readers.  Even the most early of readers will be able to read the repetitious parts and it may encourage them to read on beyond those sections.  Read on!