Whole World

Whole World by Christopher Corr and Fred Penner.

Just look at that cover and you will know how bright and vibrant this book is.  It shouts out with the various skin colors, places on earth, and the joy of the earth itself.  Perfect match with the song. 

I always enjoy picture books based on songs.  I think they offer a perfect bridge into books for children.  So get your singing voice warmed up and you can get even the wiggliest kids to pay attention and even join in.  On the accompanying CD, you get the song sung by Fred Penner and also a version with only music so you can sing along if you choose.  I always prefer to just sing aloud myself, because then the kids feel free to make their own mistakes.  😉

Share this one with toddlers and preschoolers who will enjoy the bright colors and the music. 

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