Orange Pear Apple Bear

Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett.

I had read wonderful reviews of this, and had been waiting with great impatience to finally see it.  This book is charming!  It uses the same four words in different combinations to create a silly, warm picture book.  Starting with just one word and picture on each page, the book quickly moves to strange combinations like Orange pear and Apple bear that will have kids giggling. 

I have a few favorite things about this book.  First is that it is so welcoming to emergent readers and has a limited vocabulary.  However, the book reads as if it has all of the words in the world and just happens to choose these four again and again.  Second, I love the artwork.  Unlike a lot of the books for beginning readers, this book has pictures that are not cartoony, but rather have a feel of art and depth.  It is a joy to see.  And third, the skill that it takes for an author to create a book like this is astonishing.  Applause!  Applause!

Recommended for all kindergarten classrooms, this would make a great gift for any Kindergarten teacher to have in her room.  Where else are you going to find an artistic, silly, and yes classy emergent reader?