A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day by Remy Charlip.

A father and sun have a glorious day together just imagining, cuddling, napping, seeing friends, reading and playing together.  It is a wonderful example of a quiet book perfect for starting a conversation about quiet days spent in one another’s company. 

This is a good book for toddlers and preschoolers, with its few words per page.  Parents and other adults will also enjoy it because it speaks to a day filled with quiet pursuits and not video games and TV.  Don’t we all wish for more days filled with nothing but time?  I also appreciate the gentleness of the illustrations which are soft, pastel and echo the peace of the day completely. 

Recommend this one to busy families rushed off of their feet.  I would also share this as a prequel to an art project with little children who can draw pictures of their favorite quiet activity that they share with loved ones.