Adventures of Cow, Too

Adventures of Cow, Too by Lori Korchek, photographs by Marshall Taylor.

If you read and enjoyed Adventures of Cow, you will certainly enjoy this one. 

Cow is the clueless protagonist of the story where he is sent to the grocery store.  On the way and at the store, he misnames all sorts of things.  Calling a school bus, a train, and limes apples.  Each page has just one sentence on it, and preschoolers will enjoy the pure silliness of the stories as well as the quick pace.  There is no waiting around for the jokes in this little book, they happen on almost every page. 

Looking for a book that will keep restless little bodies seated?  Well, this is it.  I would recommend having it on hand to be the final book in a story time.  Even better, it is short enough that you could make it a closing tradition for a class story time.  Children will appreciate the humor more each reading.