Don't Say That Word

Don’t Say That Word! by Alan Katz, illustrated by David Catrow.

Open this book to the title page with the wild-haired child picking his nose, and you have gotten the tone of the entire book in a single image.  A boy has come home from school and is telling his mother about his day.  He does it in rhyme with the last word of the line being a word that his mother does NOT want him to say aloud.  So the word is left unsaid, but implied by the rhyme itself.  The words are only slightly naughty at most, like booger, butt, and poop.  Just the right amount of vulgarity for the lower elementary level. 

While I don’t consider this great literature, it does have a wonderful way of making books inviting, silly and fun for children, especially boys.  The illustrations are also equally funny and accessible.  They have that same naughty quality as the rhymes do. 

I wouldn’t recommend this for reading to a group, unless you want these words talked about over and over again for days.  But if you have a young imp you read to at home, they just might find this as side-splittingly funny as my children did.