What Happens on Wednesdays

What Happens on Wednesdays by Emily Jenkins, pictures by Lauren Castillo.

I am a fan of Emily Jenkins’ That New Animal, so I was glad to see a new picture book by her. 

The story of this picture book is told by a young girl who tells the readers about what happens in her family on a Wednesday.  Each detail is lovingly told with care and sometimes with a sense of glee.  The wonder of it is that very little actually happens on a Wednesday that is unusual, so it is really a normal day for this urban child.  She is surrounded by a loving family where both mother and father are equally involved in taking care of her.  Just wonderfully accepted as the norm.

Jenkin’s prose is flawless.  It invites readers in with the down-to-earth tone and small touches that bring it all to life.  In particular, the “no-kissing day” theme captures this little girl perfectly.  Jenkins manages in a picture book to show and not tell, which is quite a trick.  Pair this masterful prose with Castillo’s art and you have a complete treat.  This is Castillo’s first picture book and her art is strong, comfortable and very warm.  For some reason this book bring to mind one of my favorite childhood books, Tell Me a Mitzi by Lore Groszmann Segal.  Perhaps it is the urban setting or the familial warmth, but that is certainly a book to find if you adore this one as much as I do. 

High recommended and one of my favorites of the year, this is a nice read aloud for four through seven year olds.