On Meadowview Street

On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole

Caroline just moved in on Meadowview Street and is hanging out in the back yard when she discovers a flower in the grass near where her father is mowing.  She dashes to create a string fence for it and finds another flower to protect, making her small protected area even larger.  As the grass grew longer, butterflies and flowers popped up all over.  Caroline’s father gives up the mower and she creates a shady spot in the yard by planting a tree and she and her father build a pond to give the birds and insects a water source.  And then there was a real meadow on Meadowview.

What a wonderful book to share with children, who will immediately head home to preserve some of their trimmed yard for the animals and insects.  The illustrations vividly show the transformation of the yard from its dull green to dots of color, height and action.  It may be a little too simple for adults, who will wonder what community would allow this sort of unmown lawn, but the message is direct and perfect for children. 

Share this in an environment unit to show children that they too can make a difference.  Recommended as a read-aloud for ages 4-8.  It is sure to start discussion for older children who may also find inspiration.