Bear's Day Out

Bear’s Day Out by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Adrian Reynolds.

The author of the beloved We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, returns in great style with this new offering.  Bear lives in a cave all alone and spends each day singing to himself.  But when he hears the noise of the city, he decides to travel there and see it.  He is very unhappy until he meets a group of children who help him get back home. 

Just as in We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Rosen plays with sounds and rhythms, creating a book that welcomes children to participate in the telling of the story.  I can’t imagine it will take long before preschool teachers have figured out hand gestures to go along with this story.  Rosen has used a different sort of pattern in this book where the bear makes a statement, it is repeated as a question, and then declared with an exclamation point.  Show children the pattern, and they will eagerly join in asking the question and then shouting the exclamation. 

Reynolds’ art is also wonderful, filled with deep but welcoming colors in a friendly cartoon style.  Children will feel at home between these covers at once. 

Highly recommended for use in toddler and preschool storytimes, I would use it as the final rambunctious book that draws everyone’s attention back after hearing several other stories.  I would also recommend it to first grade classrooms where they are learning about patterns.  What a fun and interesting way to bring literature and math together.

First the Egg

First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger.

This picture book opens with pages filled with thick paint and deep color.  It features paper cut-outs which children love that demonstrate transformations in nature.  From egg to chicken, from tadpole to frog, from caterpillar to butterfly.  Each transformation offers a cut-out panel and friendly, simple paintings.  The text of the book is equally accessible with just a few words per page and plenty of pictorial clues to the content. 

Highly recommended for early readers, this book would also be welcome in any classroom of toddlers and preschoolers.