Nominee for the 2007 Cybil Awards in Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Choices by Deborah Lynn Jacobs.

Kathleen’s brother dies in a car accident coming to pick her up from a party.  After his death, Kathleen learns that it is possible for her to move between realities and visit multiple universes where her life is similar but not the same.  As she starts to wonder about her sanity, she learns that Luke is also a shifter who can move about in the same way.  Luke becomes her only constant as Kathleen continues to wake up in new and unexpected realities.  Can Kathleen figure out how to control the shifting?  And if she can, can she find a reality where her brother didn’t die?

This impossible-to-put-down book is a breathtaking rollercoaster ride.  Kathleen’s character is vivid and constantly interesting as is the plot as it veers from reality to reality.  The writing is strong and controlled allowing the characters to take a wild ride, but making it completely believable.  Jacobs does an admirable job of creating alternate Kathleens who are just as interesting and convincing as the original without losing the focus and forward motion of the novel. 

Get it into the hands of teens who enjoy science fiction, but it will also be of interest to teens who enjoy general fiction.  The book should also be recommended to reluctant readers who may find themselves unable to put it down too.

Reading Rants Top Ten for Teens

Reading Rants! has released their 2007 top ten teen books.

I have read so few of them!  So they are going on my list of ones to read.  I have read Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt, and LOVED it.  I consider it a top contender for the Newbery.  But I wonder at Sherman Alexie not making the list…