Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol, reimagined and illustrated by Christopher Myers.

Myers has done a courageous and marvelous thing in recreating the battle of the Jabberwocky using basketball.  Jabberwocky is one of my favorite poems, one I remember from my childhood.  The power of the imaginative language and creating images in one’s head about what “brillig” and “slithy” meant.

The illustrations are strange and edgy enough to suit the language of the poetry.  The dynamic motion, deep colors and use of colors even in the words themselves makes this a book that kids will pick up and enjoy even if they don’t understand most of the words.  And what more joy could there be?

Highly recommended for children ages 8-12.  It is the perfect vehicle to introduce children to the poem and the fun of a frabjous day.

Nobody Notices Minerva

Nobody Notices Minerva by Wednesday Kirwan.

Minerva just can’t get noticed by her family!  No matter how very naughty she is, her mother and father just ignore her.   Finally, it is too much to take and Minerva starts to cry.  Her father sits near her and explains that he has noticed her and that she probably wants to be noticed for other things than being naughty.  So Minerva makes up her mind to be noticed for being very good.  And it works!

Minerva is a charming little whirling dervish of a child.  The scowl on her face and the attitude of her body completely encapsulate her attitude.  The illustrations are bright, and vibrantly colored.  The book is well done with just the right amount of information for the reader who will also be worried that Minerva’s parents ignore her!  I haven’t seen a book before on ignoring unwanted behavior, and this one captures it perfectly.

Recommended as a book to share with preschool groups or with your own child.

Top 10 Kids' CDs

NPR Music has a list of the Top 10 Kids’ CDs of 2007.  I admit that I don’t listen to much children’s music and neither do my kids.  So I have no reaction to the list except for joy that they offer a link so that you can listen to parts of songs. 

For those of you who do listen to children’s music, do you have any favorites this year?