7-Imp Interview

I am honored to have been interviewed by Seven Imp about my blogging.  Thank you so much to the bloggers who contributed such nice statements about this blog. 

I can’t tell you how very much I get out of blogging on both a personal and professional level.  So thank you for reading.  Thank you for enjoying it.  And thank you for making this such a pleasure. 

I’d do it with no readers, but am so pleased to have all of you reading! 

I should also mention that if you check out the interview you will see two very rare photos of yours truly.  🙂  Just in case you always wanted to put a face on this blogger.

Terry Pratchett Announcement

It has been announced that Terry Pratchett has a rare form of early Alzheimer’s disease. 

“Frankly, I would prefer it if people kept things
cheerful,” he continued, saying it was “too soon to tell” if the
condition was immediately life-threatening.

Sad news for a great author of the hysterically funny Discworld series.