Books, Books, Books and a Big THANK YOU!

I would also like to thank the amazing publishers, large and small, who send me books to review.  At one point a few years ago, I had a single shelf of books I got from publishers each year, books that I was honored to receive and happy to review.  Now, my single shelf has multiplied into a room in the basement where I stack the ARCs and books I receive.  They patiently wait to see if they will catch my eye.  There are simply too many for me to read each and every one.  But I am always thrilled and honored to received each and every one.

After each title I finish reading, I head down to select another book.  I have a priority shelf of books that I simply must read, but often others come in and take their places.  It is good that books are quiet and not demanding.  Picture books are actually kept next to my bed in case one of my sons wants some snuggly reading time.  It lets me get through them faster, though I still have a pile I have to work on that is close to toppling.

Through the generosity of publishers, I was able to donate over 700 books to libraries in my area this year.  These were full copies of books, not galleys.  They are so appreciated by the libraries that receive them.   I consider myself a conduit not only of reviews but of books.  It is an honor to be able to do this for libraries.

I do apologize if I have not reviewed a book you sent me.  I try my best, and yes, I am one of those annoying bloggers who just will not publish a negative review.  I don’t have the time or inclination to finish books that I don’t like, and I also feel there are plenty of places to find reviews that are negative.  I’d rather be a place where the books I love spending time with are given the limelight.

I must also apologize for being really bad at keeping email communication with publishers.  I know I should be sending you emails when I review your titles.  I do alright for awhile and then fall so far behind it is exhausting to even think of doing the ones I’ve missed.  I promise to try to be better at this.

So thank you everyone, for reading, for publishing, for writing.  Here’s to a new year filled with great books!

Children's Choice Book Awards in association with the Children’s Book Council are giving you the opportunity to vote for your five favorite books of 2008!  The five books that receive the largest number of votes will then become finalists that will again be voted on.  The ultimate winner will be announced in May. 

You can vote on this form for books on the list or vote for books not on the list.  Sounds like grand fun!  I’m off to cast my vote!