Harry Hungry!

Harry Hungry! by Steven Salerno

Harry’s tummy begins to rumble and he starts to howl with hunger.  His mother rushes to him with a snack but he calls for more!  Blueberries, cookies, and he still wants more.  He toddles to the fridge – tips it on its side and gobbles it all right down.  He heads outside, eats the flowers, the hose and the mailbox.  And he is still hungry!  What will it take to get this baby to stop eating everything in sight?

Expect delighted expressions when Harry tips the refrigerator on its side.  The book moves from what seems to be a conventional story about a hungry toddler to a wonderful wild ride with a toddler eating ever more spectacular things.  The tone switches with ease from a funny toddler story to almost a Godzilla-style rampage. 

Salerno’s illustrations are a delight with their thick lines and bright colors that will project well to a group of children.   Read this one last at a story time about snacks and you will have them eating out of your hand!

Appropriate for ages 3-6 with older children appreciating the humor most of all.